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Defense science journal

Defense science journal is an edifying journal by the Defense Research and Development Organization. It is a multidisciplinary science and technology research journal regarding defense systems. The first publication was started in 1949, with an aim to impart information about the defense systems and ongoing progress of the military supports to the common public. Diverse field information regarding various divisions such as Aeronautics, Naval, submarines, missiles, weapon technologies, breakthrough achievements, recent findings, electronics and biomedical system etc. were published. This journal serves as a transparency to know the ongoing processes in defense to all the common people who are eager to know about the current technologies that are using in the systems to secure our country. Surely, this is a good part of spreading awareness and educating young people with new innovative ideas of technology trends. It will help a lot to the students who wish to pursue their career through the defense. A number of achievements were done by Indian defense systems and without proper awareness, it won’t be delivered to everyone. This informative journal fills that knowledge gap between the inside military processes and outside community.